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Capital Relay, LLC has designed the world’s most innovative online network to connect brokers and commercial lenders.  Regardless of the equipment type or deal size, our state of the art online network provides brokers instant access to hundreds of lenders and lenders instant access to hundreds of deals.

As our network grows the benefits to participants grows with it:

 •  BROKERS—Instead of sending your potential deal to a handful of lenders you can —in a matter of minutes— send it to a wide variety of lenders nationwide or in a specific geographic location.  Instantly, your chances of getting financing rise dramatically.  This means you save valuable time and effort while still retaining complete control over the process from start to finish.

 • LENDERS—You have more deals that fit your specific lending criteria with no additional costs or efforts on your part.  It makes your job faster, easier and enables you to become a more efficient and effective manager.  The Capital Relay Network gives you more control over the entire process, and enables you to devote more time handling other important duties.

 If you need more information click on the Broker Benefits tab or Lender Benefits tab.  If you are ready to take the next step right now just take a few minutes to sign up and become part of the fastest-growing commercial financing network in the world.

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