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Generalist or Niche?

Are you a generalist or niche financing broker?  Do you often find it difficult to maintain the various lender credit and document requirements?  Has that caused you to focus your business on what a specific lender or two will approve?

Using Capital Relay’s Network, you can reach generalist and/or niche lenders.  You will have their specific requirements at your finger tips and you can sell any product (hard assets to soft assets, titled or non titled, trucks or medical equipment) to any customer and be CONFIDENT that you can find a lender.  We have done the work to find national lenders for you!!  We have interviewed lenders and found out which asset category they prefer, trucks, trailers, construction equipment, medical equipment, software… you get the picture.  Capital Relay maintains an open line of communication with all of our Network lenders to ensure that you have real time pricing as well as credit requirements from over 116 lenders!

Access the broker tool kit online at then select the broker benefits page.  You can send your credit requests to us via fax at 913-749-1097 or via email to or submit them online through our Network portal.  If you don’t already have a secure login, please call Sabina at 913-749-1203 to set up your online access.

We look forward to helping you increase your closing rate for 2014!!

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