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Physical and mailing address:

Capital Relay LLC

610 S. Adams Street

Kansas City, KS 66105


Tel:  913-749-1200

Fax: 913-749-1097




If you have questions regarding Signing Up, navigating the Network, or a deal you submitted contact:

Customer Service Phone:  913-749-1234
Sabina Boyer Phone:  913-749-1203


If you have questions regarding previewing a deal or Signing Up contact:

Spring Wittmeier Phone:  913-749-1201
Michael Ellis Phone:  913-749-1212



The partners of Capital Relay have decades of experience in the leasing industry, previously building a direct finance leasing company with a portfolio valued over $250 million.  By creating a broker generated technology platform our previous finance company was able to handle over $1 billion in annual deal flow.  As a result of our experience, the Capital Relay team understands each party’s goals and obstacles in today’s market.

Our company goal is for the Capital Relay Network to connect brokers and lenders in real time.  At the click of a button and at no cost to the user, brokers will have access to hundreds of lenders (traditional and non-traditional) and lenders will receive only deals that fit their criteria.  All transactions are documented on the funding source’s documents.

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