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Capital Relay has developed an innovative Network that is revolutionizing the equipment financing arena.  We have developed a proprietary software program that enables brokers to access lenders instantaneously and enables lenders to access hundreds of deals monthly without any cost or effort.

And it is simple to use! We built it that way.

Experience is a great teacher.  Over the years we have seen brokers submit potential deals to lenders and then patiently wait for an answer.  Sometimes they never receive an answer.  On the other side lenders are asked to finance deals that don’t fit their lending criteria.  Both sides simply were wasting time.

The process is broken.  Capital Relay is here today, right now, to fix it.

We have developed a system where brokers can submit their deals on-line to a number of potential lenders across the country while still having complete control over the process. As a broker, you can monitor the status of the deal from your end every step of the way.

If you are a lender you will instantly have the key information at your fingertips to decide whether you want to move forward with the financing.  No more back and forth hassles. No more wasted time.

The time-savings can be tremendous via the Capital Relay Network.  Brokers are able to devote more time selling and less time getting financing for their deals and performing follow-up tasks.  Lenders can instantly see financing opportunities and determine whether it would be a good fit for them. Win-win.

Remember, it is absolutely free to become part of the Network of the future.

Now is the time to join this innovative concept in equipment financing.  An investment of two minutes of time today could save you days, months and even years of time in the future.   If you are seriously interested in making deals or financing them Join The Network by clicking on the Sign Up button below.

The time for action is now!  You have been “good” in the past.  Now it is time for you to be GREAT….

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